Study-Tracks available . . .

Chez Vous offers four Study-Tracks - each one lasting about six weeks and offering two semester courses in French. Earn a minimum of 6 credits at one of 5 different levels.

Summer 2019 Study-Tracks


The Head-Start Option . . .

The Institute offers a limited number of places for students who want to get a Head-start on a specific Study-Track. For a modest additional fee a student can audit the language course immediately preceding each specific Study-Track. Note: Due to limited space a student may be accepted into a Chez Vous Study-Track without being accepted into a Head-start course.

Summer 2019 Head-Start Option Sheet


France Sejour Program . . .

For nearly 3 full weeks Sejour students experience the culture, history, sights, tastes, and language of France. This is a great economical option for students who are unable to take on a full Track in the Chez Vous Summer program.

For an overview of program information and cost - Summer 2019 France Sejour Program and Rates

For France Sejour Intermediate I students: For two personal days in Paris consider Paris Plus.

To apply, please use the Chez Vous application materials under the Apply tab beginning with the Master Checklist.

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