Connecting Through Academics

One, two or even three semester courses taught in modular format (see Study-Track Option Sheet). These condensed courses do require diligent work, but at the same time your French studies are a lot easier when they connect you directly to daily life, activities, and culture around you.

Connecting Through Friendships

In Franceville.  Your life at the Jacques Lefevre Institute unfolds in Franceville— a small town on the Normandy coast just 2½ hours from Paris and 20 minutes from Caen. Cafés, crêperies, bakery, tabac, presse and other shops provide a classic French environment for you to connect and practice your French on a daily basis. The town square and kiosk in front of the Institute host a number of activities including concerts and open-air markets.

The Buddy Program. Our friends in Normandy volunteer to spend an hour or so a week visiting with you and 1 or 2 other students over café, a walk on the beach or some other outing. Your visits will help you apply your classroom learning while getting to know someone on a more personal level.

At the Center. Friends and neighbors often drop by for coffee or to chat, creating many opportunities for you to meet new people and to practice your French. French friends will also join us for meals and other activities as part of the Chez Vous program. You will continue to improve your language skills as you meet French people from a variety of backgrounds.

At church. You can connect with some of the few believers in our area, exercising your French once again as you fellowship in another culture.


Connecting Through Worship and Service

Service Opportunites. Three service projects provide opportunities for you to show the love of Christ by meeting needs in the local community and in one of the few evangelical churches of Lower Normandy.

French Worship. French chapel and church involvement enable you to worship and to experience your faith in a French context and with French believers.


Connecting Through History and Culture

Excursions will also open new windows on French history and culture - letting you experience many of the most fascinating sites in France . . .

For 2 days Chez Vous will immerse you in the beauty, culture, and history of this amazing "city of light."

Exploring the city in thematic stages - you will discover Paris “in-depth” through:

    * A Roman Medieval Walk beginning with original Roman ruins;

    * A Spiritual Heritage Walk retracing key sites and events  from the French Reformation;

    * A Revolution and Napoleon Walk - covering 25 years that changed France forever;

    * and re-visiting the strange legend of The First Missionary to Paris.

Evening activities will let you live like a real Parisian — typically including . . .

    * meals at historic or culturally unique restaurants,

    * and/or other memorable experiences!

(For free time, see the optional “Paris Plus” extension opportunity to follow your Chez Vous program. Click HERE.)


And in NORMANDY some of the sites you will visit can include ...

  Mont St. Michel - Commemorating Michael the Archangel's victory over Satan, you will climb to the clouds to experience this architectural wonder from the Middle Ages.

  Giverny - The beautiful home and gardens of Monet display the lifestyle and inspiration behind the father of French Impressionism.

  Caen - William the Conqueror — Duke of Normandy and conqueror of England in 1066 - ruled from his castle in this nearby city.

  The Bayeux Tapestry - a world-heritage artifact, this 233 ft. tapestry from the Middle Ages depicts the battle of Hastings in 1066 —an event that changed the course of French, English and world history.

  Rouen - In this town where Joan of Arc was burned at the stake,
you’ll be transported back in time as you walk the narrow cobble-stone streets and visit the cathedral that inspired some of Monet’s paintings.

  Cheese and Cider farms - Enjoy a real “taste” of Norman life that has endured for hundreds of years.

  World War II Memorial Museum - plunging you into the tumult that would change the course of modern history — including the world around you!

  D-Day Beaches - Where so many gave all for our freedom, explore the bunkers and bomb craters of Pointe du Hoc, stand on the sand of Omaha Beach and at the American Cemetery — remember.

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