Student comments . . .

"Chez Vous was an amazing experience - met amazing people, made wonderful friends, and got better in My French. Loved it!" Marlin

"I loved coming so much. It was and is one of the best
short-course experiences I have ever had.
" Hannah

"Thank you really much for everything. I am so glad to know you. Hope I will come back within the next few years." Amber

It was wonderful to be able to learn about the French people as well as their language. An incredible experience, I would happily do again. Natalie


"The program does a great job of giving a wide variety of experiences. Also, I loved Steve’s culture moments!"

"Thank you for having such hearts of service for the Kingdom! Reveil, church, and conversations were so impactful to my life and I will forever cherish the ways in which the Lord spoke to me here."

"Track E courses were amazing and I loved the material,
but sometimes the homework was a bit heavy for me.

"I LOVE the excursions!"

"The food menu and eating schedule was perfect. Merci Danielle!"

This program has changed my life, deepened my faith, and made me fall in love with France and its people. Thank you for everything!

Reveil in the mornings is one of my favorite things that we did.

The class schedule and course content were great!

I learned so much and my language skills expanded tremendously! It would be great to have a bit more exposure to a native French accent.

I loved having a roommate, but I can see how it could be difficult
if me and my roommate didn’t get along.

I loved the general living situation! - missed the AC, but it wasn’t that bad.

There was the perfect amount of opportunities for language learning - not too overbearing but it was challenging.

I loved the Action Service projects!

Track C classes were amazingly beneficial! Probably some of the best classes I have ever taken.

Great excursions! I loved the D-Day beaches -> life changing!

“Stop being so great, so it would be easier to leave.”

“I loved the trips and culture lessons”

“Reveil (morning worship moments) is wonderful”

“I loved the program! Thank you!”

“All the excursions were absolutely splendid.”

“This has been the best experience I have had so far! Great classes, staff, food, excursions, beaches, etc. Just everything!” Tina

“This program changed my view of French culture in the best way possible!
I can’t wait to return to France!” Ariana

“Best summer of my life, the excursions, sights, beach, and especially people were such a blessing to me. Thank you.” Naomi

“This was the most AMAZING experience!” Chloé

“I had a great time at ChezVous! The staff was super nice and Franceville is a beautiful town.” Scott

“The Chez Vous program was conducive to inspiration, furthering education,
and culture immersion. I benefited from each new moment here.” Cariann

“Staff was great and very helpful. They helped me feel comfortable in a new place.” Cherie

“I’m walking away with so much more French knowledge, I’m amazed by what I’ve learned here.”

“There is no way I could have learned or retained as much info as I did
if I had taken these classes at my university. Great program!” Alex

“It was incredible to experience God on top of the language barrier. It was beautiful.”

“Lot’s of fun and lots of French. Good coffee.” Sandra

“I appreciated the worship times, but also the Christ like example of the staff.”

“Loved getting to see the history of France.”

“My experience here definitely makes me want to come back to France again!” Joy

“Lots of opportunities to see different parts of Normandy,
but not a ton of chances for personal relationships with French (people).”

I had a wonderful time here and I learned so much! I wish I could stay longer. Sarah

“The buddy program helped a lot and I’m glad we took our pledges every morning!”

“I absolutely LOVED Réveil and all the action services.”

“Such an amazing staff! Servant hearts<3. “

“The courses were great!”

“Class schedule and content was perf!”

“The food was really delicious.”

“I thought the program was set-up great (well)!”

After two summers I have to say this place is my second home. I have grown so much in my language skills and personally. If you want to learn real French culture and have the trip of your life - sign up! Michelle

At first, I was a little wary of talking only in French all day every day but after a week or two, it was amazing how much my French improved and how easily it came to me! The best way to learn a language is to go to the country and interact . . . ! Christina

Chez Vous exceeded all of my expectations. I couldn't have asked for anything more. With the cultural, academic and spiritual encouragement, I couldn't help but fall in love with the French culture and what God is doing in the church and with the people in France! Merci beaucoup! :) Ciara

I loved it! I really enjoyed getting to know so many awesome people, see some great sights and improve my French! Six weeks isn't enough! Thanks for everything! It was so good!!! Shelby

I couldn't have had a better summer. Chez Vous, c'est chez moi! Thank you for everything you do for us!! An incredible experience! Sarah

Chez Vous is an amazing way to learn French. The staff is great and while learning French you are fully immersed into the culture, knowledge and hospitality here. I'd recommend Chez Vous to any student. Anna

A great way to immerse yourself in French culture, get your French in gear, learn to love and serve God and others for six unforgettable weeks. I will miss this community! They do amazing work. :) Joanna

I could not have had a better summer. MERCI

I loved all of the excursions and buddy program and Action Service time to get to experience the culture. Thank you for all of the effort you put into it. And I LOVED church.

This was such a great school; from the staff, the excursions, the Domaine itself. It's ideal
and almost like a home. A wonderful way to learn the language and culture. Brynna

One of my best summers ever! I love the opportunities Chez Vous provides for us (to speak French and learn the culture). Plus, the beach right beside the Institute is just too good to be true! Elizabeth

The mix of classroom and interaction with "real" French people is a great opportunity to work on accent and pick up vocab! Limit on WiFi was admittedly helpful :).

Going to the University of Caen was a great experience.

Merci beaucoup pour cette opportunité!

Daily prayer, Réveil, Service projects - definitely one of the major reasons I chose to come :).

The food was amazing, especially the soups.
I felt like we were treated like royalty because we were served so much.

The buddy program, French only times and the classes were extremely helpful - the staff speaking French and correcting our French was very helpful, too.

Réveil was very nice and the church was wonderful. Your staff is dedicated to
the Domaine's spiritual life, too, and their hearts were wonderful to behold.

A wonderful cultural experience, I was always feeling so French. Especially while "cherching the pain".

It was so special to be here in France with the family of Christ. What a unique opportunity!

I loved living in this house - it is warm, inviting, and safe.

French promise is great! I loved it. I also loved all the excursions. So so good. Every single one was great!

Action Service is great!

Both courses were great and I thought that their schedule was good. It wasn't too packed, just enough.

I loved all the trips! They are all worth going to!

I thought the food was good and anything extra was accommodated. Thanks!

The general living situation was great. I like living in community and meeting so many great people.

The program was awesome!

This program is a fabulous opportunity for experiencing the culture of France - thanks so much.

Love the buddy program! Put us in a Forced Friendly French Environment.

I have grown much closer to God while being here.

The excursions were all very rewarding.

Immersing us straight into the world of the French language has made it not as scary. I think Chez Vous is an amazing program.

I've felt like I've gained so much knowledge on the French culture.

Loved Réveil in the morning.

Chez Vous is one of France's best kept secrets. Love you guys!

Loved the morning devotion, I didn't understand quite all of the Bible verses, but everything was delightful.

If you want me to have some of the best weeks of my life again, you'll have to repeat the ones I had here . . . Cate

Chez Vous, we love you - nous étudions le français, nous nous sommes bien amusées ! April + Ashley

The food was great! The Fromage was amazing!

The general living situation is "très sympa!"

Thank y'all so much, I've created a second home and a new family here - Danielle est la plus gentille au Domaine. <3


"I am incredibly glad that I found out about this program and that I came here. My faith has grown in the very ways that I had been praying that it would grow. The fellowship among these students and the Christian staff really helped to establish a welcoming environment here."

"I believe I have improved in French significantly for the duration of the program."

"The amount of history that I learned here was amazing and I really thank everyone who led an excursion and would tell us incredibly interesting (stories) . . ."

The cultural experiences were "Fantastic! I really appreciated the buddy program. This was where I felt I saw all my hard work pay off and I really enjoyed interacting with them."

"I feel that I was able to develop significant understanding of France and the French people."

"The services on Sundays were very beneficial not only in terms of language improvement
but also in terms of spiritual understanding."

"The classes and especially the buddy program really helped my vocabulary and fluency."

"I appreciate how involved in the community you are and am thankful for the opportunity to have done all the Action Services."

"I enjoyed Réveil (morning worship moment) and the service projects a lot."

"Réveil was amazing and I really benefited from it."

"The classes were very challenging and condensed, but I understand that it is necessary with the time constraints."

". . . both classes helped me a lot, especially in conversations with our buddies."

"Each trip (excursion) served a very good purpose. Great job."

"The food was delicious!"

"Fantastic meals! Thank you, especially Danielle."

“An enriching experience linguistically, culturally and spiritually.” Holly, 2011

“This program was a great way for me to really improve and hone-in on my language skills. I really felt connected to the Christian/Faith community here in France. It really broadened my worldview and faith perspective. “

“Chez Vous was a great place to not only improve in my French-speaking skills, but to experience French culture and share in a worldwide Christian faith.” Stephanie, 2011

“Love this program. The moment I stepped in France, I felt home and all because of the love and caring that I received from the leaders and the students.” Diana, 2011

“An awesome way to experience the French language and culture, and also the presence of God.” Jennifer, 2011

“Amazing experience. The staff is exceptional,
the excursions were interesting, and the cultural encounters were invaluable.
Thank you so much for an awesome summer I will never forget.” Alyssa, 2011

“The ‘buddy’ meetings, prayer, all-French days were all really great for helping us to integrate into the culture.” 2011

“I’ve really enjoyed learning about and experiencing France – as well as meeting so many amazing people.” Shannon, 2011

“Chez Vous was an exceptional experience!” Gretchen, 2011

“This program is a great base for learning French and preparing one for the Francophone world. The excursions and “buddies” are great avenues to experience the culture; after I would come back from a “buddy” meeting my accent and fluency were much improved.” 2011

“Loved my time here! Thank you!!” 2011

“I learned so much about France, its people, its history . . . It’s just awesome! I have to thank you for showing me what real service and caring looks like, all which comes through the love of God.” 2011

“I loved Reveil (Chapel)! Spiritual life and service was wonderfully integrated.” 2011

“Church and Reveil are great! Action Service is awesome!
I loved helping out at the church and in the garden,
I loved getting to know the people I was serving.” 2011

“The excursions were so great, so enriching, I thoroughly enjoyed them.” 2011

Chez Vous is an incredible experience! I learned so much about French culture. It’s opened my eyes to a whole new way of looking at France and the French people. I’m forever grateful to this program! Come taste French culture!! Daniele, 2010


“The staff at Chez Vous really treated me like family. I was so well taken care of and loved. The courses are very intense . . . but in such a wonderful way; the professors are so caring, loving, patient . . .
Chez Vous not only enhanced my French but also my love and respect for the culture as a whole. Chez Vous is such a blessing! :) Best Summer Ever! A +++ Best Staff ever! –> I now have a family in France!” Kate D., 2010


“If you want to learn cool French, go cool places, meet cool Dudes, eat cool food, and do cool stuff, CHEZ VOUS is the place to be!! The staff is incredible and will help you feel right at home! It’s a great semi-immersion experience and you learn so much about the French language and culture! Long Live Chez Vous!” Breezey, 2010


Chez Vous was an extraordinary way to experience France. My relationship with Christ was strengthened, my French communication skills improved drastically and I have unforgettable memories. Laura, 2009

Merci beaucoup! You have blessed me abundantly, Thank you so much! God bless.

Formidable. Géniale. Liz, 2009

I really enjoyed Chez Vous. My interest in French language and
culture has really increased because of this program! Karis, 2009

You know, you read all those student testimonies and they seem so . . . over exuberant and positive
. . . but the thing is, it really is as good as all those comments you read! How awesome is it to combine your love for God, language, people and culture abroad in France? Alesha, 2009

What I love about Chez Vous is that you don’t just learn French, you learn how to become French.
Natasha, 2009

Thank you for this oportunity. I have been so blessed by being here!
You are all so kind and make us all feel so comfterbly! PS Sorry for the
bad spelling, I’m a little mixed up with F+E, haha. Will, 2009

Chez Vous has opened my eyes to an entire culture. I have been blessed by all parts of this experience! 2009

I fell in love with France and its people. Also, this was a fulfillment of my dreams. Kathleen, 2009

"If Chez Vous were a kitchen, then my taste of France was excellent! Incredible experience . . . thank you!" Kate, 2009

“An enriching experience in every possible way. Je serai toujours reconnaissante.” Anna, 2008

“An amazing opportunity to learn the French language in the
context of French culture - and in a Christian community!
What more could you ask for!? I LOVED IT.” Danielle, 2008

“The amount of French you learn is more than worth the time and cost. An excellent experience!” John, 2008

“This was such an awesome experience! It’s impossible to be here and not improve your French!” Katie, 2008

“Through my time at Chez Vous I gained a new appreciation for the French Culture, people, and the country. I also grew in my understanding of the French language. – For everything – Merci Beaucoup!” Marinna, 2007

“If you are serious about learning the language and experiencing the culture – this program is ideal.” Elizabeth Ann, 2007

“My experience at « Chez Vous » helped me understand that learning a language is more than memorizing parts of speech – it’s about learning to see life from an entirely new cultural perspective.” Rachelle, 2007

“A language is more than just its words and grammar, but a mindset and a lifestyle. And here you get a peek into the real “French way” by connecting it to people and feelings.” Rachel S., 2007

“An amazing, eyeopening experience.”   Stephanie S., 2007

“Leaving Chez Vous to return to chez moi is très triste.”
“La France est la mer d’experience.” Michael, 2007

“Incredible and unforgettable! I can’t believe how much I’ve learned and how much my French has improved! I’ve fallen in love with France – I love you all tons!”  Kari, 2007

“Thank you for helping me grow my French garden! This was an amazing experience that I will never forget!” Hannah, 2007

“It was a challenging and incredible six weeks. The people at Chez Vous have left an imprint on my life. Thank you!” Kristina

“Fabulous! I have learned to love France and the French through my stay here. =)” Janice, 2007

“Thank you for everything. Living in France has been an incredible experience. I’ll never forget what I’ve learned.” Rosanna, 2007

“Want to lead a fuller life? Spend a summer in France! I got bisou’d in France!” Amy M., 2007

“I love you guys!” Sid, 2006-07

“Loved it.Thank you so much!” Steph F., 2007

“Thank you for your true servant’s heart and hospitality.”
Amy F., 2006-07

“Merci pour tout!” Rachel J., 2007


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